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Purpose and Community of the Adaptations Wiki[]

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The Adaptations Wiki site explores the cultural history of adaptations and its relationship to literary history. By "adaptation" we mean any type of retelling of an original work. The original works on which we currently focus are Gothic literary narratives written around the 19th century, such as Frankenstein (1818), Jane Eyre (1847), and The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890). Our site offers various forms of information, including synopses of original literary works, a comprehensive list of adaptations for each work, detailed entries on certain adaptations, and entries on scholarly texts that either focus upon or apply aspects of adaptation theory.

The Adaptations Wiki site is administered by Lissette Lopez Szwydky, who is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arkansas. The main contributors to this site are students enrolled in Dr. Szwydky's "Gothic Adaptations" course. However, we welcome submissions and contributions from students and scholars at other educational institutions (high schools, undergraduate and graduate programs), or anyone interested in the impact that the practice of adaptation has had, and continues to have, on literary history and culture.

Please Note:

While the purpose of this site is to offer users the opportunity to publish and locate information about not only the general topic of adaptations but also the specific scholarly topics of adaptation theory and adaptation studies, we do not intend to be considered a source of scholarly research and should not be cited as such in other texts.

To Contribute to this Site:


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Use this section to . . .

- review synopses and major themes of original works

- review a comprehensive list of adaptations for each original work

- learn about different types of adaptations that have been made of each work

- link to detailed entries on individual adaptations



Use this section to . . .

- search for adaptations by category

- link to detailed entries on individual adaptations

- within each entry, read a synopsis and learn about the major themes, reception, and significance of the adaptation

- contribute an entry on an individual adaptation (Please first read the "How to Format Entries" page.)


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Use this section to access summaries and reviews of relevant scholarship in the following areas:

- Adaptation Theory

- Case Studies

- Gothic Genre Studies